Friday, May 11, 2012

Kind Regards, Justine J.

It may come as a surprise, but our Inspectorate rarely receive little feedback from the public in regards to their rescue efforts and difficult work. Sad but true!

So it was welcome surprise when a letter arrived at our offices for our Chief Inspector David O'Shannessy from a one Justine Jarvinen. Justine was in quite a predicament a few weeks ago when a couple of Burmese kittens in her charge got a slight case of 'wanderlust' and high-tailed it into less than accommodating quarters. Luck would so have it that RSPCA NSW Inspector Kevin Eyles was on the case and quickly dispatched to Justine's residence to remedy.

What followed was documented by Justine in a letter we received a week later. The letter read...

'Dear Chief Inspector,

One of your Inspectors was kind enough to help us out this week. I have since made a donation to the NSW branch of the RSPCA. I was unable to attach the job number to the donation, so I thought I'd write you a quick note to say how grateful we are. Here is a short outline of how it turned out; I thought you might be amused to read it.

Fluffy timid Burmese kittens arrived yesterday.
Were safely enclosed in the liv8ing are overnight.
Missing in action this morning.
Completely missing. Gone without a trace.
Turned the kitchen, dining room an living area upside down.
Stood on cabinetry, shone torch under couches, felt along every crack.
No kittens.
Two sad and bewildered children.
One sad and bewildered globetrotting husband.
One am-I-going-mad-is-this-some-kind-of-joke-don’t-be-silly-they-must-be-here-somewhere-woman.
Tempting bowl of tuna strategically placed in the room empty of children.
One kitten ventured out to eat and was captured.
Then released later to find the other kitten.
Observer climbing into a tiny, tiny hole under the dishwasher.

Hiding place revealed.
Two lost kittens.
One kitten hadn’t been seen or heard for 17 hours.
Scared, cosy, sleeping?
Or stuck? Squashed? Rat baited?
RSPCA came.
RSPCA dismantled kitchen cabinetry.
RSPCA captured kittens with long kitten catcher.
RSPCA reassembled cabinetry.
RSPCA payment required; one cup of tea.
Two found kittens.
Now safely enclosed in the bathroom overnight.
At least, I think they’re still in there...

Kind regards,
Justine J'

Thank you Justine for your kind words and support! We hope your 'daring' fur babies are doing well ;)

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