Friday, May 18, 2012


RSPCA Sydney Shelter staff (from left): Jeremy Vane-Tempest, Donna Hough, Sarah Stimson, Lauren Mills and Carmen Stephens with 7 of the 13 abandoned rabbits.
The RSPCA Sydney Shelter in Yagoona has taken in 13 rabbits that were found dumped on Monday in front of Pet Care 2000. The domestic rabbits need to find new homes quickly due to the lack of space at the Shelter.

“Many rabbits end up being dumped due to un-desexed rabbits breeding fast and people not being able to care for them,” said RSPCA NSW Sydney Shelter Manager Donna Hough. “It’s extremely important to desex pets to avoid the issue of unwanted animals.”

RSPCA Veterinarians have desexed the abandoned rabbits and all will be available for adoption this weekend. There are juvenile and adult Angoras, English Spots and Lop Eared breeds. A premise inspection will have to be conducted by the RSPCA before any of the rabbits can go to new homes.

“A rabbit requires a good sized hutch that has a closed-in section to provide shelter from weather and predators,” said Ms Hough. “People also need to ensure their pets are vaccinated each year against the deadly Calicivirus.”

The Shelter only has capacity to house four rabbits and they currently have a total of 12 that are available for adoption. RSPCA regional shelters have taken the other rabbits in an effort to help rehome them.

The rabbits are $40 to adopt, are desexed, vaccinated, wormed and health tested. The RSPCA Sydney Shelter is open six days, closed Wednesdays, for adoptions. For more information please visit: or call 9770 7555.

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