Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A letter from Susan & Matt!

We recently received a letter in the post (remember those...) from a delightful couple, Susan and Matt. See Susan and Matt were looking for a fur child on Easter Saturday this year and their trajectory happened to cross as fate would have it with Lisa's (now since renamed Dash - for reasons that will become apparent), an abandoned Fox Terrier in our care. Short story long, Dash is now living the high life - naps, treats, friends, parks, pizza crust etc etc and the rest they say is history. A huge thank you needs to go out to Susan & Matt for sharing their story!

We would love to hear more, so tell us your story! If you wish to share your RSPCA animal rescue story, please send a pic and short letter to;

ATTN; Online Comms
Yagoona NSW 2199

or alternatively, you can email to rspcanswonline@hotmail.com

Hi everyone at the RSPCA,

I just wanted to write and update you on the gorgeous dog we adopted from you on Easter Saturday, April 7, this year.

Her name was Lisa (tag no. 1083220), a 4yo Fox Terrier cross who had been abandoned. 

We've since renamed her Dash, because she can run at the speed of light, and she really is the most adorable dog who we just love to pieces.

Since we've had her she's put on about 1kg in weight and has more than taken ownership of the house. Her favourite spot is in her bed on the sunroom bookshelves, taking in the afternoon rays and looking out over the street. We have four off-leash parks within walking distance where she meets her best friends Millie and Mika the Jack Russells, Eduardo the Chihuahua, Baxter and Louis the Cavoodles, and Mika and Roxy, the rescue Staffies. Her favourite park is Queenscliff Lagoon where she can run along the sand foreshore and chase birds. She gets two or three outings a day, although she doesn't much like the rain. Sometimes she can be convinced to chase a ball, but mostly there’s too many interesting smells to distract her. And if she happens to come across a discarded kebab wrapper - or even better a pizza crust - it's happy days for Dash and she'll carry it all the way home.

And when she gets home, she likes nothing more than stealing socks and jumpers and whatever other clothes she can find, to put in her bed.

Dash is truly amazing, hilarious, happy little dog, and we can't thank the RSPCA enough for taking her in and giving us the opportunity to adopt her. We already can't imagine life without her.

Susan & Matt

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