Thursday, June 21, 2012


Yesterday the RSPCA officially accepted a sponsored van from Nobel Toyota to use for 12 months for the RSPCA’s Drives for Lives program. The RSPCA relies heavily on partners and sponsors to continue being able to run successful programs and operations to help care for over 45,000 animals in NSW each year.

“The partnership with Noble Toyota is important to us from a product perspective and also through loyalty. We have been encouraged by the passion they have shown for RSPCA by getting more involved in our program work,” said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman.

“The Drives for Lives vehicle donated by Noble Toyota is another demonstration of their positive involvement with the RSPCA and will assist us with transporting many animals to give them a second chance at life.”

The RSPCA’s Drives for Lives initiative aims to transport animals between 11 shelters, 2 Care Centres, 27 volunteer branches and 4 veterinary hospitals around the state. This is made possible with the help of dedicated custom-built transportation vehicles and a team of staff to help move animals around the state to increase the chances of rehoming them.

Some of the shelters provide greater exposure for the animals. Since the program’s inception, it is evident that animals can be adopted much quicker after being moved to a new location. It also relieves the stress of foster caring. The vehicles will also assist in moving animals that need specialized treatment or to remove them from hazardous or abusive situations in the community. 

“This relationship with RSPCA NSW has allowed us to discover all the things they do. The community doesn’t understand the extent of what they do – the RSPCA is not just the shelter, it’s so much more,” said Noble Toyota Director Geoff Lewis.

“Our partnership is a great opportunity to help support the RSPCA run programs that help save animals lives.”

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