Tuesday, June 5, 2012


UPDATE: Congratulations to Briarna Ball, Charmaine Jones and Lili Ruslie -  all of whom will be attending the Saturday show!

The Sydney Film Festival has kindly offered RSPCA NSW three double passes to give to our animal loving supporters to see The Last Dogs of Winter at Dendy Opera Quays on Saturday 16th June, 8pm.

"The Canadian Eskimo Dog, or qimmiq, is a disappearing breed: the rarest registered variety of dog in the world. They were once a critical part of Inuit life, but the introduction of the skidoo and other modern-day interventions reduced the population to less than a hundred. Churchill, Manitoba, in Canada's frozen north, famous for its polar bears, is home to the unconventional Brian Ladoon, founder of a sanctuary for these tough Arctic canines. A young New Zealand television star, Caleb Ross (The Tribe), volunteers to help out Brian. But what begins as a one-month trip turns into a three-year commitment. New Zealand director Costa Botes' honest and beautiful film captures Ladoon's determination in the face of adversity - community disapproval, debt, roaming polar bears and the difficult logistics of caring for canines in the brutal Canadian winter."

In order to win one of these double passes - simply 'LIKE' us on Facebook to enter, email us with your full name, contact email address (if different from the one sending from) and provide correct answer's to the following three questions:
  1. What is the breed name of the dogs that feature in 'The Last Dogs at Winter'?
  2. What is Churchill, Manitoba famous for?
  3. Name a dog that is currently available for adoption at one of the RSPCA shelters in NSW and tell us which shelter it can be adopted from.
All entries need to be sent to rspcanswonline@hotmail.com by Tuesday 12th June, 5:00pm (AEST) with subject text field containing "RSPCA NSW The Last Dogs of Winter Comp". Winners will be announced via our RSPCA NSW Facebook page and contacted by email on Wednesday 13th June.

If you don't win the tickets, we encourage you to get your family and friends together and enjoy watching this magnificently told story about these beautiful and rare Canadian Eskimo Dogs, or qimmiq of Canada.

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