Friday, June 29, 2012


RSPCA Sydney Shelter Animal Attendants (left to right) Carmen Stephens, Ellie Siemsen and Kristy Taylor. They are with Lilly the Greyhound and Dex the Border Collie Cross Mastiff that are available for adoption. 
Kristy Taylor with un-named kitten at the RSPCA Sydney Shelter in Yagoona.
Ellie Siemsen holding un-named Boxer Cross puppy at the RSPCA Sydney Shelter in Yagoona.

The number of RSPCA animals rehomed in NSW and QLD during the NRL State of Origin competition will be tallied up after the final game on Wednesday 4th July to determine the winner of the RSPCA State of Adoption challenge. Although the winning team will win bragging rights for a year, the true winners will be the hundreds of animals that found new homes during this fun competition.

The latest adoption figures revealed that RSPCA QLD is currently in the lead with a total of 1537 animals rehomed since 23rd May. RSPCA NSW isn’t that far behind and has rehomed a total of 984 animals. With one week to go to close the gap, anything could happen.

“We’re happy that so many animals have been rehomed in both states and are not fussed that RSPCA QLD is currently in the lead,” said RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman. “It’s not really a numbers game for us because it’s always about finding the right homes for the animals that need a second chance at a good life!”

“This competition aims to encourage people to adopt rather than shop and we hope that more people become aware of the number of animals waiting at RSPCA shelters to be adopted.”

RSPCA NSW urges anyone looking for a pet to adopt from an RSPCA shelter rather than buying one. To know more about adopting an RSPCA animal, go to

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