Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Chillis havin' a ball!

Chilli meets Inspector Godwin upon arrival at the Sydney Shelter in January this year.
Chilli TODAY - remaining still for a split second.

The emails keep coming, this instance from one time RSPCA Yagoona Shelter resident Chilli and his new carer, pal & 'hooman' - Maria. Seems Chilli's been making 'nice-nice' with Maria's mum & dad, but 'not-so-nice-nice' with Smokey the house cat - a relationship we were all sure was bound to have it's own intra-species issues!

Thank you Maria for keeping us up to speed on Chillis progress. He was for a time beloved by many of the staff and volunteers here at the RSPCA Yagoona Shelter and we couldn't be more happier and proud that he has found his fur-ever home with you and your parents.
Hello Claire

Thank you so much for the copy of the articles of our beautiful new addition to the family "Chilli". It is absolutely heartbreaking to read of the hard life he had. Such a beautiful placid dog that has so much to give. It really makes you wonder how anyone could be so cruel. Finding Chilli was one of those things that was just meant to be. You may say that finding a good  home for Chilli at this stage of his life was amazing however believe me he has been a God send for mum and dad. No matter what the day entails Dad will ensure he has time to spend playing and sometimes just even sitting spending quality time with Chilli.

At this stage of dad's life it is really nice to see how Chilli has virtually become his best friend. It is amazing how he knows mum means food, dad means play, he is so clever. He will follow dad everywhere, especially when he works in his vegie garden, you can be assured Chilli is close by just keeping an eye on him. We all love him to death, except for the cat, however even Smokey has come to accept the fact that it seems Chilli is here to stay (to his disgust). I can assure you that whatever time remaining we are blessed to have Chilli with us, we may never make up for the past however his future looks pretty damn good.

I have attached some recent photos but I must apologise as trying to keep Chilli still long enough to take a photo was impossible.

Please feel free to pop in whenever you are in the area as I am sure he would love to see you and please stay in touch.

Kind Regards


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