Thursday, August 23, 2012

RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch Seeks Members to Avoid Shut Down

RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch President Rick Lean and member Carolyn Lean caring for two kittens that are desexed and ready to go to a good home.

The RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch is desperate for volunteer members to join in the next few weeks. A minimum of five members must attend the Annual General Meeting on 12th September 2012, or the Volunteer Branch may be forced to shut down.

The RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch plays a critical role in subsidising the needs of the Dubbo Council’s animal shelter. It requires volunteers to help fundraise thousands of dollars each year to help animals in the area.

“We require active members who are passionate about animals and can give as much time as they can towards local fundraising initiatives,” said RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch member Carolyn Lean. “They also have to pay an annual membership fee of $30 and attend monthly meetings.”

Volunteer branch members help facilitate activities in the community for animal lovers. One unfortunate consequence of not having a local volunteer branch is that the annual RSPCA Million Paws Walk will no longer be on the calendar for the dogs of Dubbo and their owners.

“Having more volunteer members means we can organise and run many more fun activities for people and their pets – and in turn raise much needed funds for the local animals.”

RSPCA NSW is a non-government charity that relies heavily on volunteers and fundraising to be able to continue operating across the state. The RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch is one of the twenty-eight RSPCA Volunteer Branches in NSW that need members to exist and run successfully today.

“We need your help to ensure we can continue supporting the local shelter and animals in need.”

For more information about how to become an RSPCA Dubbo Volunteer Branch member go to: Email: or call: (02) 6882 7927

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