Friday, September 14, 2012


  Photograph taken on day of seizure 4 June 2012.

A Sydney woman appeared at Mt Druitt Local Court for sentencing on 23 August 2012. She pleaded guilty to three charges of animal cruelty to her male Bull Arab dog.

On 4 June 2012, RSPCA Inspectors investigated a complaint in regards to a dog at a property in Blackett. Inspectors seized a male Bull Arab dog in very poor body condition. Veterinary examination confirmed the dog was emaciated, with profound loss of muscle. The dog had little vision, an ulcerated wound on the right ear and wounds on his flanks and genitals. He also had an internal worm burden and was anemic.

After veterinary treatment and feeding of proper and sufficient food there was marked improvements to the dog’s body condition. By 30 July 2012 the dog had gained 32% of his original body weight from when he arrived at the RSPCA. The dog was also resolved of anemia after treatment for internal parasites.

The woman was convicted and fined $500 for failing to provide proper and sufficient food, $500 for failing to provide vet treatment for a worm burden and $500 for failing to provide vet treatment for fly bitten ears. RSPCA was awarded $2549.76 veterinary costs, $1027.50 boarding costs and $83 court costs (total fines $1500; total costs $3660.26).

RSPCA received a total of $4410.26 and custody of the dog. The woman was placed on a Section 9 Good Behaviour Bond for two years and was prohibited from owning any animals for three years.

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