Thursday, September 6, 2012

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES - Fairfield Local Court

 Black Baldy cow with lame right hind leg. Photograph taken on 29 February 2012.

A local Horsley Park man was sentenced at Fairfield Local Court on 4 September 2012 for two charges of animal cruelty. The man's son was present at court on his behalf. His solicitor formally entered a guilty plea for the man for two counts of animal cruelty towards his Black Baldy cow.

The man had previously faced animal cruelty charges in 2011 when he pled guilty to 22 charges of animal cruelty relating to over 40 cattle. This case resulted in two charges of aggravated cruelty in regards to a cow suffering from a cancerous tumour of the eye and a calf found barely alive. He paid fines and was ordered to possess a maximum of 85 animals.

On 29 February 2012, due to another complaint received, RSPCA Inspectors revisited the property in Horsley Park to inspect a large herd of cattle. One Black Baldy cow was found to have a lame right hind leg. The RSPCA issued a written notice to have a qualified veterinarian examine the cow by Monday 5 March 2012.

On 6 March 2012 RSPCA Inspectors returned to the property to inspect the cow’s condition. The man did not arrange veterinary treatment for the cow and it was found to still be lame. RSPCA Inspectors called a qualified vet to examine the cow at the property. The Veterinarian confirmed that the cow was extremely lame on her right hind leg due to a rubber band which was found embedded in the flesh of the foot causing a lesion, swelling and foot rot. Another cow and steer were inspected and treated by the veterinarian on site and the RSPCA and vet returned to treat a lame Black Angus Bull. RSPCA identified that the man had approximately 120 cattle, five Terrier dogs and several chickens on his property.

The man was found guilty of failing to provide vet treatment and failing to exercise reasonable care for his cow. He was fined $800 and ordered to pay the RSPCA’s costs of $2215.52. Moiety was granted to the RSPCA.

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