Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES – Bankstown Local Court

Photograph of cat with lice infection, and skin scrapings under a microscope showing the live lice and eggs.
A Greenacre woman and her daughter appeared at Bankstown Local Court for sentencing on 27 September 2012. After failing to appear at court on three separate occasions, both mother and daughter were convicted on four charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment to their cat.

On 6 June 2012, a male black cat was brought in as a stray to the RSPCA Yagoona Shelter by a member of the public. RSPCA Inspectors believed that the cat belonged to the mother and daughter at their property in Greenacre. The cat was in very poor body condition, had extensive hair loss, ringworm and lesions over its body. There were large amounts of visible louse eggs covering the majority of its body. That cat was also missing many of its teeth and the teeth remaining showed severe disease. The gums were ulcerated, infected and bleeding.

As a result of care and treatment whilst at the RSPCA, the cat gained 4.1kg in five weeks – an increase of 28% of its bodyweight.

Both women were convicted and found guilty for failing to provide vet treatment for severe dental disease, failure to provide vet treatment for lice infestation, failure to provide vet treatment for ringworm infection and failure to provide proper and sufficient food to their male cat. They were each fined $750, $83 court costs and prohibited from owning no more than one animal for two years. The two women were ordered to pay a combined total of $5,008.54 in animal care costs. Custody of the cat was awarded to the RSPCA.

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