Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Endings - Ruby

Ruby & Rexy square off!

Afternoon everybody! Let's start the (shorter) week with a smile with a message from a former resident who's gone from strength to strength on the outside. Ruby came to us as a surrender a year or so back and from the sounds of the letter and the look of the photos attached - he's now in good loving hands. Good luck Ruby and thank you to Belinda & Rexy.

Hi guys

Thought you might like to hear how Ruby (nee Indy) is going. We saw Ruby online at the RSPCA Yagoona shelter in March 2012, went in to see her and fell in love. Ruby was an inspectors case and had spent a few months at the Yagoona shelter. When we took her home, there were one or two staff that had to say a ‘special goodbye’ to our girl, so we thought you may like to hear how she is getting along.

We don’t know much about Ruby’s past or if she was a farm dog or suburban dog, but I can tell you she has embraced life on our small farm with gusto. The first day we brought her home she spent about an hour running laps around the house paddock (approx 1.5 acre) like a mad woman. I’m pretty sure she was saying “Are you for real?? All this is mine??!!”. And it was. For about another month. We didn’t want Rubes to be alone, but we wanted to choose the right dog that would gel well with her personality. Rubes is a little quiet/shy so we wanted another dog that was not too dominant. We saw another dog, a little male blue cattle online at Renbury Farm Shelter and decided to take Ruby down there to visit with this dog and see if the two would gel. Well they did, the rest is history, and the two are now constant pals that do pretty much everything together. Although we sometimes do take the dogs for walks up streets or into town (Camden), Ruby’s favourite thing is to go run around the paddocks at home with Rexy. She positively wiggles from head to toes as she leaps over long grass and chases rabbits (its OK...the rabbits are quite safe LOL) or just sniffs and scratches about. Occasionally she finds a little dead lizard or frog and she loves to roll and roll and roll on them for some time (oh joy!). But pretty much its the idea of the open space and being able to run at will for as long as she wants, that she seems to enjoy the most.

I have to say a very special thankyou to the staff at RSPCA NSW for doing such an wonderful wonderful job with Ruby. From the moment she got home she was polite, waited for the humans to walk through the doorway first, has absolutely terrific leash skills, she doesn’t beg or jump up or snatch treats. She is an absolute model cattle dog. Rubes is great with other dogs and travels very well in the car too although not sure if that’s something you guys taught her or she just does. She and her “brother” Rexy both often go places with me, and we have other doggy friends we visit with at times. In fact the two are so good with each other as well as with other dogs, I am thinking of doing some fostering next year for rescue groups.

Ruby is such a beautiful girl with exceptional temperament and manners, people who meet her are often surprised she is a ‘pound puppy’, and I am glad she is such a great advertisement for shelter dogs and in particular for RSPCA Yagoona. I’ve attached some pics of her at home and with her best mate Rexy. (and me oh my.....she really is a pretty girl, isn’t she!) We really were very very lucky to find such a special girl just waiting for a home. How such beautiful animals end up in shelters is totally beyond me.

Thank you guys for the awesome work you have done, and continue to do for dogs like Ruby. We may not be able to change the entire world as they say, but you guys certainly changed the world for Ruby.

Much love, and thanks,

Belinda, Ruby and Rexy

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