Friday, November 23, 2012

NSW Power Deal puts ducks in the firing line

Changes to duck hunting legislation passed by the NSW Upper House yesterday will only lead to more protected and endangered species being placed at higher risk of extinction according to RSPCA NSW.

“Every year thousands of ducks, including many native species, are shot over the wetlands of Australia in this so called sport,” said Steve Coleman, CEO RSPCA NSW. “This deal with the Shooters Party effectively uses our native fauna as a $4billion environmental bargaining chip to pass privatisation legislation with the support of minor parties.

“This new legislation is a step backwards and has the potential to put an end to what has effectively been a twenty year ban on duck hunting when we have been trying to move in the other direction,” Coleman added.

The RSPCA opposes the hunting of ducks because of the high level of cruelty involved. Some of these ducks will be killed outright. Some will be wounded, brought down and killed on retrieval. Many others will be crippled or wounded and will die within a few hours or days. Some will suffer prolonged pain before they die, in fact some studies have estimated that up to six ducks are crippled for every ten ducks bagged.

The RSPCA believes that recreational duck hunting should be banned in all Australian States and Territories.

If you disagree with this change to duck hunting law in NSW, the RSCPA encourages you to write to your State MP expressing your views.

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