Monday, November 19, 2012

RSPCA NSW Calls for Rodeos to be Bucked

RSCPA NSW has today reiterated its call for a country-wide ban on rodeos following an exposé on ABC TV’s 7.30 Report last Wednesday that highlighted the significant injury, distress and even death that can be caused to participating animals. This call comes just weeks after a rodeo organised by Lugarno Lions Club at its annual Spring Fair was met with protestors calling for the banning of the activity. Approximately 30 protestors turned up at Gannons Park, Peakhurst recently to demonstrate against the cruel use of animals and this outdated form of entertainment.

RSPCA CEO Steve Coleman commented saying, “The RSPCA is opposed to rodeos because of the potential for significant injury, suffering, distress or even death to the animals involved. The use of devices such as flank straps, spurs and electric prodders to encourage the animal to buck and react can cause significant pain and suffering to the animal.

 “With bans on rodeos currently in place in other states of Australia — and other countries around the world — due to the recognised cruelty inherent with the sport, it’s time for a country-wide ban on the activity,”  Coleman added.

Whilst rodeos continue to be permitted, The RSPCA NSW advocates and regulates, to ensure compliance with the NSW Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals used in Rodeo Events.

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