Monday, November 19, 2012

RSPCA NSW ‘CAWS’ kicks off in Bathurst

RSPCA NSW, in conjunction with local Bathurst veterinarians, has this week commenced its second annual Community Animal Welfare Scheme (CAWS) for the year. The scheme offers reduced-rate veterinary services to pensioners and lower income earners. CAWS will be available to local residents through to Friday 23 November, 2012.

“This is a really popular program here in the Bathurst community and one that really helps those who might otherwise have difficulty covering the costs of caring for their pets,”said Dr Ewald Jooste, Stewart Street Veterinarian Hospital. “This program makes for both healthier pets and happier owners,” Dr. Jooste added.

CAWS has been held in Bathurst since 2004 and is supported by Bathurst Regional Council (BRC) and five of the town’s veterinary practices – Bathurst Vet Hospital, Stewart Street Vet Hospital, Dr Tom’s Vet Practice, Durham Street Vet Clinic and Paws and Claws  Mobile Veterinary Service. Services offered include permanent surgical desexing and microchipping  and vaccination for dogs.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have had the ongoing and passionate support of both the Bathurst Regional Council and the local participating veterinarians,” said Dr. Ann-Margret Withers, RSPCA NSW. “This contact with local vets continues to build a culture of care and responsible pet ownership in Bathurst and make a difference to people with living with animals in regional communities,” Withers added.

CAWS also advocates education and public awareness to teach community members and school-aged children about responsible pet ownership, animal welfare, humane treatment of animals and safety concepts around animals such as bite prevention.

Bathurst residents can contact one of the participating veterinary clinics for more information:

Bathurst Vet Hospital: 6332 5800
Stewart St Vet Hospital: 6331 1222
Dr Tom’s Vet Practice: 6332 3222
Durham Street Vet Clinic: 6334 2009
Claws and Paws Mobile Veterinary Services: 6332 9096

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