Thursday, December 6, 2012

ANIMAL CRUELTY - Windsor Local Court

All photographs taken on day of seizure – 19 August 2012

On Wednesday 28 November, a local Windsor woman failed to appear in Windsor Local Court to face charges of failing to provide proper and sufficient food to a horse located in a vacant paddock on Windsor Road.

A RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to the property on Saturday 18 August at which time a pinto colt, a palomino mare and a dark brown foal were sighted. The mare and foal were in poor body condition, with the foal unsteady on its legs and a wound on its right hindquarter. A vet arrived, however the foal could not be safely caught and a time was made for the next day to try again.

On Sunday 19 August the RSPCA attended the paddock again, with additional resources. The mare and foal were caught and seized for their condition and the foal’s injury. Further investigations showed that the foal was not owned by the accused.

This matter was scheduled to be heard on 14 November however the accused failed to show and it was adjurned to 28 November. After failing to appear a second time the woman was convicted exparte and all costs ($83 court costs and $3301.76 vet/boarding costs) were awarded to the RSPCA.

A warrant for the woman's arrest has been issued and once carried out, any penalties and the custody of the horse will be determined at that time.

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