Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Microchip your best mate before Australia Day

RSPCA NSW today reminded Aussies to microchip their furry best mates ahead of the Australia Day celebrations with an influx of animals expected to arrive in Shelters over the public holiday weekend due to celebratory fireworks. RSPCA NSW is also encouraging anyone who has moved house recently to update their pet’s microchip details so that a speedy reunion can be facilitated should they come into RSPCA care.

“People move house frequently and update their utilities, banking and other addresses but often forget to update their pet’s microchip information,” said Dr. Magdoline Awad, Chief Veterinarian, RSPCA NSW. “As a result it often takes longer to reunite animals with their owners when they come into our care,” Awad added.

Hundred of animals found their way into the care of RSPCA NSW as a result of New Year’s Eve fireworks and a similar influx is expected over the Australia Day weekend with celebrations planned in many communities.

If your pet flees from fireworks, having up-to-date microchip information is the best way to ensure a speedy reunion.

The easiest way to change your contact details is to search using your pet’s microchip number.  Petaddress will redirect you to the database that lists your pet’s microchip number so that you may contact them directly.  Some registries provide Change of Address forms on their websites.

You can also update your details by visiting your local council.

Animal owners whose pets go missing over the long weekend are encouraged to follow these steps to try to find them:
  • Check with your neighbours – sometimes animals will be picked up by those close to your home
  • Post to social media - one of your friends or followers may have seen your missing pet
  • Call your local RSPCA Shelter – with most pounds closed over the long weekend many animals will find their way into the care of the RSPCA
  • Speak with your veterinarian – sometimes lost animals will be taken to clinics if injured
Preventing your pets from escaping due to fireworks-related noise is the best way of ensuring their safety this Australia Day.

If you can, it’s best to stay home with your pet and provide them with a comfortable environment and engage them in normal activities.  If you won’t be home, make sure your pets are safe, secure and comfortable – bring them indoors, if possible.

Five Tips from RSPCA NSW to Help Reduce Fireworks Fear
  1. Ensure your pets are exercised and well fed before fireworks commence
  2. Keep your animals indoors, in a safe and comfortable environment
  3. Leave the TV or radio on to mask out the sound of fireworks
  4. Wherever your pet may be, remove any sharp objects that might cause injury to a panicking animal
  5. If your pet is particularly prone to fireworks panic, stay at home with them
Speak with your veterinarian if your pet is prone to unmanageable anxiety due to fireworks.

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