Wednesday, February 20, 2013

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES - Bankstown Local Court

On Thursday 7 February, 2013, a local Belmore man appeared in Bankstown Local Court and pleaded guilty to four charges of animal cruelty relating to four Pomeranians, two rabbits, a guinea pig and a budgerigar.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to a property in Belmore on 10 January 2012 in relation to complaints about four dogs in the backyard. The dogs were observed in the backyard and provided with food and water. On Wednesday 11 January, 2012 the RSPCA again attended the address and found no one home so the dogs were again provided with food and water. During a third visit on Friday 13 January, where again no sign of occupation of the premises was evident, the dogs were seized. RSPCA Inspectors also sighted a box containing bedding, a bowl of water and kitty litter through a side window.

RSPCA Inspectors entered the property to execute a warrant granted by Bankstown Court and found one cat, two rabbits, one guinea pig, a budgie and a hermit crab. RSPCA Inspectors seized one rabbit who was suffering from discharge to both eyes and nose.  The rabbit was taken for assessment by a veterinarian and the property was secured. After two subsequent visits to the property, the RSPCA was granted another warrant from Bankstown Court and re-entered the property on Friday 20 January, 2012. Inspectors seized one rabbit, one guinea pig, a budgie and a hermit crab from the premises and transferred them for assessment and any care necessary.

The man was interviewed by RSPCA Inspectors with the assistance of a translator and admitted responsibility for all animals at the property. He then agreed to surrender all animals to the RSPCA.

He pleaded guilty to three charges of failure to provide water to the four Pomeranian dogs, rabbits, guinea pig, and budgie and one charge of failure to provide vet treatment to a dwarf rabbit. He was fined a total of $2,800, ordered to pay $4,890 in costs to the RSPCA, $83 in court costs and $240 in professional fees and prohibited from owning animals for two years.

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