Tuesday, February 26, 2013

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES - Newcastle Local Court

A local Maryland's man appeared in Newcastle Local Court and pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to a roadside area in Maryland's on Monday 14 January, 2013 to investigate a complaint regarding some goats. Upon arrival the Inspector observed two goats tethered in a grassed roadside area. The area was open to all weather conditions and was void of any natural or constructed shelter.

Both goats were tethered to iron posts with approximately five metres of tether each. A small supply of water was available in a plastic bucket situated in a rubber car tyre. Both animals were in a reasonable body condition. RSPCA notification stickers were left at the premises and photographs taken.

On Tuesday 15 January the Inspector returned to the roadside area to find both goats had been relocated but were still without any form of shelter. The RSPCA notification stickers had also been removed. On Wednesday 16 January the Inspector returned to the property for a third time and found that the two goats remained at the location as inspected the afternoon prior. This time however one of the goats was tangled around a white timber bollard situated at the entrance to the lane on the Western boundary. The tether was wound around the bollard a number of times reducing the tether to an approximate length of one metre, severely impeding the goat’s ability to move about freely. The goat was also unable to access the water provided.

Both goats were seized for veterinary examination and additional RSPCA notification stickers left at the property. Shortly thereafter a Maryland's man contacted the RSPCA and identified himself as the owner of the animals.

The owner pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to provide shelter and one charge of tethering animals for an unreasonable length of time, was fined a total of $600 and ordered to pay costs totaling $1,254.50.

The Magistrate granted the return of the goats to the owner.

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