Tuesday, February 19, 2013


On Thursday 7 February, 2013, a local Fairfield woman appeared in Windsor Local Court and was found guilty of two charges of animal cruelty in relation to her male Staffordshire Terrier.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to a property in Fairfield on Friday 1 April, 2011 in relation to a complaint about a dog. Upon arrival the Inspector was shown a male brindle Staffordshire Terrier. The dog was in good condition however was constantly spinning due to flea nests on his hindquarters. The dog only had a partial tail, with the end of the tail appearing to be chewed off with the stub covered in dirt.

Instructions were left for the woman to seek veterinary attention for her dog before the weekend however the woman advised the RSPCA that this was not possible and the dog was seized.

Veterinary examination revealed that the dog’s tail condition would have been present for at least 3-5 days and would have caused unnecessary pain and suffering. The heavy flea burden is likely to have been present for more than two weeks.

The woman pleaded not guilty to two charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment. Following the hearing the charges were proven and she was convicted and ordered to pay $6,402.23 in veterinary/boarding costs, $5,079 in professional costs, placed on a two year good behaviour bond and banned from owning animals for two years.

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