Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Take-Me-Home Tuesday; Ozzy, Male, Siberian Husky Cross Labrador Retriever

Hey there! My name's Ozzy. Feel like playing a quick game of tug-o-war? Maybe a run around the yard or the block?

I have a ton of energy and absolutely love using it all up throughout the day. There is barely a moment when I sit still, so I am always up for an adventure. If you're an active family that has has experience with big boisterous boys, then we are destined to be together.

I'm not all brawn you know, I do have a brain between these two furry ears. I love when I get to think and use my noggin trying to learn new things. I've been trying to learn manners while here at the shelter and I'm hoping my new family will keep trying to teach me.

If you want a brainy brawny boy in your family, then you can find and adopt me from the RSPCA Sydney Shelter in Yagoona; 201 Rookwood Road, Yagoona, 2199, (02) 9770 7555


Monday to Tuesday: 9.30am to 3.00pm
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday to Sunday: 9.30am to 3.00pm
Closed on Public Holidays

View my Adopt-a-pet page here

At the RSPCA we know every animal has a story. Our job is to create a better story, a better life.

Your gift of whatever you can afford will give animals like Ozzy a happier, safer 2013 - and beyond!

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