Monday, March 18, 2013

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES - Fairfield Local Court

A Fairfield West man appeared in Fairfield Local Court last Tuesday and pleaded guilty to three charges of animal cruelty involving a male Bull Mastiff cross breed.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to a property in Fairfield West on Tuesday 2 October in response to a complaint about two abandoned dogs. Upon arrival the Inspector observed two dogs; a male brindle Staffordshire Bull Terrier that was in reasonable body condition and a male Bull Mastiff cross breed that was in poor body condition with his ribs, spine, shoulder blades, hind leg bones and hip bones very prominent and his waist sunken in. The dogs head and eyes were also sunken and he was noticeably unsteady on his feet. The dog was seized and taken for immediate medical treatment.

Veterinary examination identified the dog to be emaciated with a body score of 5/5 on the TUFTS animal care and condition scales where five is emaciated and one is ideal. The dog’s weight was recorded at 16.8kgs and it was also suffering from diarrhoea and was very dehydrated. He also had copious flea and dirt burden, alopecia and an abscess under his neck. Whilst in RSPCA care the dog suffered a stroke and had to be humanely euthanased.

The Fairfield West man pleaded guilty to three charges of failing to provide proper food and vet treatment. He was fined $1,500, ordered to pay veterinary costs of $1,826.50 and Court costs of $83.

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