Wednesday, March 20, 2013


A local Dural woman appeared in Hornsby Local Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to two charges of animal cruelty involving a German Shepherd crossbreed.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to a property in Dural on Tuesday 5 June, 2013 in relation to a previous complaint about a horse. The Inspector heard dogs barking at the rear of the property and upon investigation found a male black and tan German Shepherd crossbreed with a severe skin condition. The Inspector asked the owner to bring the dog out to be examined.

The dog was in poor body condition with ribs, spine and hip bones prominent. He also had extensive hair loss around his eyes, neck, chest, legs, and over his back. The skin in these areas was red, thickened and had a strong smell of yeast. The dog constantly scratched and shook his head, indicating discomfort in the ears. Both ears were thickened and had a brown discharge. Live fleas were also seen crawling through his coat. The Inspector issued instructions for the owner to take the dog to a vet by for his skin, ears and weight. The owner complied and presented the dog to a vet on 9 June and again on 16 June.

On 31 August, the Inspector returned to find that the dog’s condition had deteriorated again with his waist sunken in, hip bones, ribs and spine very prominent. The dog’s skin was thickened and red and both ears had a crusty discharge. The dog was seized and taken for immediate veterinary treatment.

Veterinary examination revealed the dog to be underweight with a body score condition of 4/5 on the TUFTS Animal care and condition scales where 5 is emaciated and 1 is ideal. He also had narrowed ear canals with a severe bacterial infection and a hookworm burden.

The owner pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to provide proper and sufficient food and one charge of failing to provide veterinary treatment for a skin condition, bilateral ear infection and a hookworm burden. She was placed on an 18 month Good Behaviour Bond, ordered to pay $83 in Court costs and made an undertaking to the court that she would pay $2,231 in veterinary costs to the RPSCA.

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