Sunday, March 3, 2013


An East Nowra woman failed to appear in Nowra Local Court on Friday, 1st March, and was convicted on three charges of animal cruelty involving a female Wolfhound and her pups and one charge of obstruction of officers in the course of their duty. A warrant for her arrest was issued by the Court.

On Tuesday 2 October, 2012 two RSPCA Inspectors attended a property in East Nowra in relation to a complaint and observed a female Wolfhound-cross dog in poor body condition, with hips and ribs prominent. A rotten smell emanated from the mother dog and she also displayed signs of flea burden. The dog was tethered to a tree by a four-metre length of chain. 

The mother was suckling five pups approximately five days old. The pups were lying in dirt and covered with a dirty blanket.

Inspectors informed the owner that the mother and her pups were to be seized at which time the woman became aggressive and demanded they leave the property. After refusing to hand over the animals, Police were called and the mother and her pups were placed in the rear of an RSPCA vehicle and taken for veterinary treatment.

Examination revealed the mother to be severely underweight with a body condition of 1 out of 5. She also had a uterine infection, severe flea burden and a faecal test showed positive for hookworm. The pups were in good body condition.

The woman did not appear in Court today so the matter was dealt with ex parte. On the three charges of failing to provide veterinary treatment she was found guilty and a section 25 warrant was issued for her arrest. To the charge of obstructing the RSPCA officers she was found guilty, fined $1,000, ordered to pay costs of $14,842.14 and custody of the mother and five pups was awarded to RSPCA.

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