Monday, April 8, 2013


All photographs taken on day of seizure – 15 October, 2012

A local Galston man appeared in Hornsby Local Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to one charge of aggravated animal cruelty and one charge of failing to alleviate pain regarding a male Jack Russell Terrier.

An RSPCA NSW Inspector was called to a veterinary clinic on 15 October, 2012 to collect a stray dog that had an elastic band on its tail. Upon arrival the Inspector was shown an eight month old male Jake Russell Terrier with an elastic band around his tail – similar to the elastrator rings used for the castration and tail docking of lambs. The dog was immediately transported to an RSPCA veterinary clinic for assessment. Information on the dog’s microchip indicated the owner's address.

The examining veterinarian found that the elastrator ring was cutting into the skin of the tail and the section of tail in front of the ring was swollen, red and painful to touch. X-rays of the dog’s tail confirmed the ring was around the middle of the tail bone and as a result the tail had to be surgically amputated. Following the surgery, the dog’s appetite and demeanour noticeably improved.

On 16 October an RSPCA Inspector spoke with the owner and he claimed that he was not aware of the elastrator ring on the dog’s tail, nor how it came to be on his tail. In court however, he admitted that he had in fact put the band on the dog’s tail and was “showing off to his friends” and had no intentions of removing it.

In court the Galston man pleaded guilty to committing an act of aggravated cruelty by placing the elastrator ring on the dog’s tail, he was sentenced to 50 hours of community service for this offence. He was also fined $500 for failing to alleviate pain and ordered to pay $2010.50 in veterinary fees and $83 in Court costs.

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