Friday, April 5, 2013

RSPCA NSW announces support for Companion Animal Task Force recommendations

RSPCA NSW today announced its support of all the recommendations delivered in the NSW Companion Animal Taskforce’s report to the Minister for Local Government and the Minister for Primary Industries.

The report outlines 22 recommendations which are designed to reduce the number of cats and dogs that are impounded and euthanased, improve the current regulatory framework around the breeding, sale and management of cats and dogs, and promote socially responsible pet ownership to the whole community.

“We are supporting all of the Companion Animal Taskforce recommendations which include annual registration of dogs and cats for the sole purpose of encouraging people to update their details so that pets can be reunited with their owners,” said Steve Coleman, RSPCA NSW CEO.

“When people fail to regularly update their pet’s details it makes it nearly impossible for organisations such as the RSPCA to reunite these animals with their families. Pet owners need to consider the value of a speedy reunion with their pet and when they do I’m sure they’ll agree that annual registration is a small price to pay for peace of mind,” Coleman added.

Key recommendations proposed by the Companion Animal Task Force include:
  • Registration of cats and dogs on an annual basis;
  • Reduced registration fees as an incentive for owners to desex their animals;
  • A new discounted registration category ‘desexed animal – purchased from a pound or shelter’ should be established to further encourage the purchase of desexed cats and dogs;
  • Responsible pet ownership education campaigns; and
  • Council funding for targeted microchipping, registration and desexing programs
The NSW Government has today opened a six-week consultation period to gather the opinions and feedback from the community on these recommendations. RSPCA NSW strongly encourages all interested groups and individuals to submit feedback by visiting:

All submissions will be published on the Division of Local Government’s website.

Submissions close on Friday 10 May, 2013.

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