Friday, May 24, 2013

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES - Fairfield Local Court

A local Greenfield Park man appeared in Fairfield Local Court and plead guilty to one charge of failing to provide veterinary treatment to a male American Staffordshire crossbreed dog. The dog had been lame for four days before initially presented for veterinary treatment. The owner ignored RSPCA instructions to treat the dog, resulting in its seizure.

On Tuesday 4 September 2012, the owner took his dog to a veterinary clinic in Abbotsbury after he noticed the dog had been lame for four days. The veterinarian recommended to Mr Korkes that radiographs be taken of the dog’s leg, however he opted to put the dog on pain relief and return to the vet the following day. On Friday 7 September 2012, the dog was admitted to the Abbotsbury Veterinary Hospital and an x-ray of his right hind leg revealed a fracture. The veterinarian recommended that the dog be referred to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon.

On Thursday 13 September 2012, the owner collected his dog from the hospital, was advised of the required treatment and stated that he would take the dog to another hospital for vet treatment. Follow-up with the other veterinary hospital revealed that the owner never attended with his dog. On Tuesday 25 September, RSPCA Inspectors attended the owners premises and sighted his dog, still lame and unable to place weight on his right hind leg. RSPCA Inspectors seized the dog for immediate treatment.

RSPCA veterinarians concluded that there was a failure to provide veterinary treatment for the fractured right femur for a period of fourteen days.  This failure resulted in unnecessary pain and suffering. If the fracture been addressed earlier, surgical reduction could have prevented permanent malformation.  Failure to do this resulted in a permanent deformity of the leg and as a result the dog had to be humanely euthanased.

The man plead guilty to one charge of failing to provide veterinary treatment. He was fined $600 and ordered to pay $864.24 in vet/boarding fees.

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