Friday, May 24, 2013


RSPCA NSW, in conjunction with veterinary practice Pet Medical and veterinary pharmaceutical company Virbac, will next week launch an assault on the deadly parvovirus epidemic affecting regions of the Upper Hunter. The assault will take the form of a half-price vaccination drive at Pet Medical Hospitals in Scone, Muswellbrook and Denman* between 27 May and 1 June.

In NSW there have been 350 cases of canine parvovirus reported to the Virbac Disease Watchdog. Out of these, 101 cases of the deadly virus were within a 50km radius of the Pet Medical Muswellbrook Hospital, an area that includes Scone and Singleton. One third of all reported cases reported in NSW occur within a 100km radius of the Muswellbrook Clinic, an alarming statistic.

"Parvovirus is a viral infection that initially causes lethargy and loss of appetite, followed by vomiting, profuse bloody diarrhoea and dehydration," said RSPCA NSW Chief Veterinarian, Dr Magdoline Awad. "Early treatment can significantly increase the chance of survival.”

Dogs that are at greater risk of contracting parvovirus are young puppies and unvaccinated dogs.

Highly contagious, the virus can survive up to a year in the environment and favours hot, humid conditions. Parvovirus is a preventable disease and the best way to protect your puppy is through vaccination. The RSPCA recommends that puppies are restricted from public, outdoor areas until the entire series of puppy vaccinations is complete.

"With recent rainfall favouring activation of the virus, we urge anyone with an unvaccinated dog of any age to visit their local veterinary clinic and have their animals vaccinated against this deadly disease,” Awad concluded.

Half price vaccinations will be available to all Hunter residents at the below listed Pet Medical hospitals between 11am-2pm on 27 May to 1 June (no appointments necessary).
  • Pet Medical
    14 Aberdeen St, Muswellbrook  (02 6541 1555)
  • Pet Medical
    106 Liverpool St, Scone (02 6544 3201)
  • Pet medical
    25 Ogilvie St, Denman (02 6547 2222)
    *Open Monday, Thursday & Friday

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