Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Writings On The Wall!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so imagine what an enormous mural would be worth! It definitely deserves at least a mention on our blog.

Education Officer, Eva Wong, was invited to visit two primary schools last month to witness firsthand the creation of this amazing artwork. Somersby Public School and Peats Ridge Public School were busily painting their way through numerous animal designs to create what will one day be a brand spanking new mural at the RSPCA Somersby Shelter.
Why would all the animals at the Somersby Shelter need something to brighten up their day you may ask? Aside from the fact that they may indeed be colour blind and perhaps cannot fully appreciate the awesomeness that is the mural, this soon-to-be new addition may actually help them get out of there! In other words, the mural could help these animals in finding their fur-ever homes! How you wonder? Let’s have a think...
According to a survey that was never conducted, many people find that visiting a shelter is depressing and they feel overwhelmed by all the animals that need a home. Often these shelters are run-down due to a lack of funding and this further exacerbates a potential adoptees feelings of doom and gloom. So these people are turned away and find themselves happily turning to pet shops instead. But we all know some times pet shops are a facade for unspeakable sadness...
So let’s make their visit to a Shelter more positive experience as it should be when adopting a new family member! A beautiful mural would be a step in the right direction at our Somersby Shelter. RSPCA NSW are also several steps ahead with the opening of two Care Centres in the last few years which aim to make adopting a new pet as wonderful an experience as possible!
Don’t think that’s all the students were doing, artistically painting away whilst unknowingly helping RSPCA NSW in their mission to rehome animals, they were also engaged in some good discussion with Eva as she presented one of RSPCA’s Education Program, ‘RSPCA in the Community’. The Program looks at RSPCA’s role in dealing with animal cruelty and promoting responsible pet ownership and equips the students with the knowledge to continuing helping animals into the future.

Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the mural at Somersby Shelter, coming to a blog entry near you!

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