Tuesday, July 2, 2013

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES - Blacktown Local Court

A local Rooty Hill man failed to appear in Blacktown Local Court on Thursday to answer two charges of animal cruelty against two miniatures horses (ponies). The man was convicted ex-parte, fined and custody of one of the ponies was awarded to RSPCA NSW.

On Sunday 27 January 2013 an RSPCA Inspector attended a property in Rooty Hill in response to two female ponies.

Upon arrival the Inspector observed that both animals were in poor body condition and were shivering. The paddock in which they were kept was devoid of food and their only shelter was three trees. Both ponies were seized and taken for immediate veterinary treatment.

Veterinary examination confirmed that both ponies were in very poor condition, scoring a body condition score of 1 out of 5 (where 0/5 is very poor and 5/5 is obese). Unfortunately one of the ponies contracted severe colitis and had to be humanely euthanased.

During two weeks hospitalisation the remaining pony increased her body weight by 9.5kgs.

The owner failed to appear in court and was therefore convicted ex-parte on both charges (fines imposed are listed below) of failure to provide proper and sufficient food to a female horse. Custody of the remaining pony was awarded to RSPCA NSW.

  •  Fines: $5,000
  • Vet Costs: $11,900  

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