Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Left: Photo taken when seized, cancerous growth clearly visible. Right: Post surgery.

A Hebersham local man failed to appear in Mt Druitt Local Court yesterday to answer one charge of animal cruelty against a male Rhodesian Ridgeback dog in his care. The man was convicted ex-parte, fined and prohibited from acquiring animals for a period of two years.

On Sunday 3 March 2013, an RSPCA Inspector was called to a property in Hebersham in response to a complaint about a dog. On arrival at the premises, the Inspector found no one to be home. 

The Inspector observed two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs in light body condition. A third male Rhodesian Ridgeback dog was also sighted and was observed to have a large ulcerated mass on the right side of his chest.

A short time later the man arrived home and confirmed he was the owner of the dogs. The man also admitted being aware of the dog’s condition but had not taken him to a vet. The dog was then seized and taken for immediate veterinary treatment.

In addition to the ulcerated mass, the dog was also found to be suffering from dental disease, arthritis and was lame on its foreleg. All these conditions were causing the animal significant pain.

On Monday 4 March the dog underwent surgery to remove the ulcerated mass. Veterinary analysis of the mass found it to be an aggressive cancer called a cutaneous fibrosarcoma.

Judgement & Charges

The Hebersham local man was charged with failure to provide veterinary treatment to a male Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. The man failed to appear in court and was therefore convicted ex-parte. An order was made prohibiting him from acquiring animals for two years. He was fined $1,500 and ordered to pay $3,258.50 in veterinary costs.

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