Thursday, August 8, 2013

RSPCA issues reminder over cruel and indiscriminate traps

RSPCA NSW Inspectors were called to a property in Leppington yesterday to rescue a fox that had become entangled in a wire fence with a steel-jaw trap on its foot.

It is believed that the fox may have been attempting to flee from the pain of the trap and became entangled in the wire fence between two properties.

The steel-jaw trap, which is illegal in NSW, had destroyed the animals ankle and foot, causing it immeasurable pain and suffering for an unknown period of time before being discovered in the fence.

“These types of steel-jaw traps and totally indiscriminate,” said Gillian Busby, RSPCA NSW Inspector (pictured opposite). “We often find family pets such as dogs and cats caught in them. The damage to the body-part trapped in the device is absolutely devastating to the animal involved.

“Regardless of the animal involved, this is an incredibly painful and cruel way to die,” Bushby added.

Due to its injuries the fox had to be humanely euthanased.

The use of steel-jaw traps in NSW carries a maximum fine of $5,500 and/or imprisonment for 6 months.

Members of the public with information about people setting steel-jaw traps are encouraged to call the RSPCA on 1300 CRUELTY (1300 278 3589).

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