Friday, August 9, 2013

RSPCA seizes horses from Candelo property

RSPCA NSW Inspectors yesterday seized two horses from properties in Candelo, South-West of Bega. The seizures follow the yarding and assessment of horses as part of the RSPCA’s ongoing investigation into the welfare of the animals kept on a number of properties in the area. The seizure of animals yesterday follows the removal of three horses subject to the ongoing investigation over the last few weeks.

The seized horses have been transported for immediate veterinary assessment and treatment.

RSPCA NSW Inspectors are making further enquiries with respect to the seized horses and the other horses subject of the investigation. The RSPCA have prepared a brief of evidence as part of its lengthy investigation which is currently being reviewed. A decision will shortly be made regarding possible further action, which may include the initiation of court proceedings.

The RSPCA’s investigation and enquiries into the animals on the property is ongoing.

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