Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Take-Me-Home Tuesday; Zeppy, Male, Bi Colour Crossbreed

Hiya! I'm Zeppy and I'm hoping your backyard is in need of a fluffy friend.

I'm looking for a friendly family to call my very own. I've not had a family in a little while, so I'm getting a little lonely just hanging out at the shelter here. The shelter staff and volunteers do give me lots of hugs and scratches which I absolutely love!

I really love hanging out in my little hutch, but my real love is running around the lawn. I love nibbling on the grass, digging in the dirt a little and the feeling of fresh air on my face. When I am hanging out in the hutch, please make sure it's nice and clean for me.

Come meet me at the RSPCA Shoalhaven Shelter at 114 Flatrock Road, Mundamnia, (02) 4429 3410


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9.00am to 4.00pm
Thursday: 9.00am to 12.30pm
Saturday: 9.00am to 11.30pm
Closed on Public Holidays

View my Adopt-a-pet page here

The sweetest day of the year is RSPCA Cupcake Day, the 18th August.

By registering, baking and fundraising for Cupcake Day for the RSPCA, you will be part of an exceptional group of supporters who understand the importance of pets in our lives.

Your cupcakes will help rescue a neglected pony, provide emergency surgery to an injured kitten and give surrendered animals like Zeppy a home.

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