Monday, September 23, 2013

ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES: Dog with half its face missing left to suffer by Kempsey man

A Crescent Head man appeared in Kempsey Local Court on Tuesday to face one charge of aggravated animal cruelty against a Border Collie crossbreed dog in his care. The man was convicted, fined and ordered pay veterinary fees.

On Wednesday 19 June 2013, RSPCA Inspectors attended a property in Crescent Head following a complaint about an injured dog.

Upon arrival Inspectors discovered a female Border Collie crossbreed dog with a large gaping wound on its face. Her tongue was clearly visible through the hole in her face. She was also listless and in poor body condition. The dog was seized and taken for immediate veterinary treatment.

Veterinary examination confirmed that the dog has a sizable deficit in the bone that makes up the roof of her nose. Her septum had also been destroyed allowing the inside of her right nasal cavity to be visible from the left side. Unfortunately the dog’s condition was untreatable and the decision was made to humanely euthanase her.

The veterinarian concluded that the dog’s condition would have been visible for at least one month prior to presentation.

During a recorded interview on Tuesday 25 June, the Crescent Head man admitted ownership of and responsibility for the dog.

The man pleaded guilty and was convicted of one charge of commiting an act of aggravated animal cruelty against a Border Collie crossbreed dog and fined $400 and $419.30 in veterinary fees.

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