Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corporate Supporters - Bunnings & Colette

RSPCA shelters had a spring makeover recently, thanks to Bunnings. Almost $10, 000 worth of plants have brightened six of our shelters throughout the state: Illawarra, Blue Mountains, Hunter, Orange, Somersby and Sydney. When fully-grown the plants will provide a wind-break and shade for dog runs as well as improving the overall appearance of the shelters.
Sydney Shelter was also the lucky recipient of a table, chairs and a new gazebo top. Thank you Bunnings!

Fashion retailer Colette recently helped RSPCA cash in on the very popular trend of charity friendship bracelets. Made from blue and gold thread, highlighted by a gold ‘love’ charm, the bracelets were a popular choice with shoppers, who bought over 1,300 bracelets nationwide.
All profits from the sale of the bracelets were donated directly to RSPCA, with over $10,000 raised throughout Australia. NSW’s share came to $3,405. Colette’s campaign also raised funds for Canteen, McGrath Foundation, Autism Spectrum, Young Care, and ACT for kids with different coloured-bracelets.

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