Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Exchange your chains

RSPCA’s Chain Exchange was launched this year at the Million Paws Walk – perhaps you saw the box where people could drop in their chain collars and receive a free flat collar in return. The campaign relies on the generous donation by Rogz of over 500 collars, in differing sizes and colours to suit all.

So far this year, through our Chain Exchange stations at our Sydney Shelter, Tuggerah Care Centre, Rouse Hill Care Centre and one roving station, we have exchanged 174 chains.

The aim of The Chain Exchange is to raise awareness regarding chain, or correction, collars. Correction collars are a type of aversion training; most people are unaware that it is a form of punishment. Aversion training uses pain, fear or discomfort as a motivator to change behaviour.

There is significant evidence to show that uses of these chains harm our dogs, causing neck damage, increased anxiety and aggression. Unfortunately due to their price tag, and longevity they are used by many novice dog owners and aspiring trainers.

As an alternative, RSPCA NSW recommends reward-based training, where the dog has the power to make its own decisions to self motivate. If you would like tips on how to train your dog using this method see Tanya’s Training Tips.

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