Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Game of musical chairs goes awry for cow on Appin property!

RSPCA NSW Inspectors responded to a call yesterday regarding a cow on a property in Appin, in Sydney’s South West. On arrival Inspectors found a female cow precariously imprisoned in a plastic patio chair.

The chair was inhibiting the cow’s ability to eat and drink and required immediate removal.

RSPCA NSW Inspectors tranquilised the cow before moving in to delicately remove the piece of furniture from around her neck.

“We’re not sure how the cow came to be imprisoned by the plastic chair, but left unattended she would have become severely dehydrated,” said Aaron Purcell, RSPCA NSW Inspector. “Other members of the herd were also visibly distressed by the cow’s predicament with several of them trying to remove the chair with their noses,” Purcell added.

Check out the GoPro video of the rescue below:

This is the second incident in which RSPCA NSW Inspectors were required to remove an item from the head of a cow. In June 2013, Inspectors had to free a cow from a fibreglass toilet on a property in Bringelly.

“We’d like to take this opportunity to remind residents on, or near rural properties, to take care with the disposal of household items as they can become hazardous to livestock and pets,” Purcell concluded.

The cow is expected to make a full recovery.

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