Thursday, December 19, 2013

Hot enough for you?

While today may seem pretty warm, the temperature is going to keep climbing over the next few days. Here are our top ten tips to keep your pets cool and comfortable during the coming hot weather:
  • Water — ensure your pets have plenty of fresh water, kept in a cool place. Place an extra bowl out during hot temperatures, in case one gets knocked over
  • Shade — make sure that your pet has access to some form of shade, for example a veranda or patio if there is no shade in the backyard
  • Tasty treats — freeze some of your pet’s food in a take away container to make a delicious doggie ice-block and leave it to gradually defrost during the day
  • Fight fleas — keep your pet’s flea treatment up to date and for dogs with hairless ear tips (like German Shepherds), apply fly ointment to prevent fly bite
  • Terminate ticks — a particular problem in hot weather, search your pet daily and apply preventative treatments or a tick collar
  • Vaccinations — ensure that your dog is vaccinated, parvovirus is activated in warmer weather
  • Sunscreen — don’t allow white, fair-skinned or pets with pink noses, to sunbake in the yard during the middle of the day. Apply zinc to the noses and ears of pets prone to sunburn
  • Grooming — clip/trim long-haired dogs to keep them cool
  • Chill out — if you have air conditioning, but your dog or cat is usually outside, consider bringing them inside
  • Wait to walk — do not exercise dogs in the middle of the day as this can lead to heat stress. Wait until later in the evening when temperatures drop. After all you wouldn’t go for a run if it was 45 degrees!

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