Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Saved from a muddy grave

RSPCA NSW Inspectors last Friday conducted a daring rescue of a Labrador dog that had become stranded in a tailings dam in a western Sydney quarry.

The golden Labrador, named Diesel, was unable to move after falling through the top layer of the silt and becoming trapped approximately 100m from firm ground.

Two RSPCA NSW Inspectors used rescue glides, one in front of the other, to reach Diesel and then pull him to safety.

“This rescue was particularly tricky as the mud is made up of fine silt from quarry operations and is considered a drowning hazard,” said Flett Turner, RSPCA NSW Inspector.

“The rescue slides were deployed to distribute our weight, allowing us to move out over the mud to Diesel’s position and free him from the silt.

“He was lucky to be discovered by contractors who were alerted to his location by his barking. If not discovered he would have certainly drowned or died from exposure,” concluded Turner.

Diesel had been missing since New Year’s Eve but, thanks to microchip identification, was speedily reunited with his grateful family following his rescue.

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