Thursday, April 10, 2014

Penderlea Horses husband convicted of cruelty to a dog

On Tuesday 12 February 2013, RSPCA NSW Inspectors and a veterinarian were attending a property near Bega on another matter when they observed a Kelpie crossbreed dog limping due to an injury to its right hind leg.

The owner stated that the dog had been hit by a car a few days previously and had not received any veterinary treatment. The attending veterinarian examined the dog and instructed the man to confine the dog to stop it moving and see if the injury would heal. The man continued to let the dog run around the property with the horses.

When departing the property, RSPCA NSW Inspectors and the veterinarian again stated that the dog required confinement and if its condition didn’t heal, to take it to a veterinarian. RSPCA NSW Inspectors and the veterinarian returned to the property on Wednesday 13 February, 2013 and observed the dog running around loose carrying its hind leg.The dog was seized and taken for veterinary treatment.

An examination revealed that the dog had a broken pelvis and had been in that condition for at least two weeks prior to seizure.
The man appeared in Bega Local Court on Wednesday 19 March 2014 and despite pleading not guilty, was found guilty of two charges of animal cruelty relating to the dog. He was fined and ordered to pay costs of $6,104.

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