Monday, April 7, 2014

Woman sentenced to 300 hours community service for animal cruelty

On Saturday 9 March 2013, an RSPCA NSW Inspector attended a property in Pitt Town in relation to sheep being attacked by dogs. The Inspector was taken to a pen area where a lamb and a sheep were located. Both had torn, wounded ears.

The larger sheep had severe wounds around its neck, ears and hind leg. Maggots were present through the wool and flesh around the neck. The ears had a combination of old and fresh tear wounds. The left ear had an open, infected looking wound underneath. A strong smell of infection was noted. The woman agreed to surrender the two sheep and they were removed from the property for veterinary treatment.

Veterinary examination found that both the lamb and the ewe had sustained multiple life threatening injuries that required immediate veterinary attention. These injuries caused the ewe to suffer considerable pain and suffering due to failure to provide proper veterinary treatment and failure to properly manage the wounds. Both the lamb and the ewe were in poor body condition and stunted in growth due to inadequate nutrition and had a significant internal and external parasite burden.

Unfortunately, due to her injuries the sheep was euthanased after a number of weeks of treatment, however the lamb has since been rehomed.
In late March 2014 the woman pleaded GUILTY to two charges of aggravated animal cruelty and one charge of animal cruelty. She was convicted of all three charges and fined for failing to provide proper and sufficient food to both sheep. She was fined $500, sentenced to 300 hours community service and banned from owning additional animals, other than the three dogs and six chickens currently in her care, for five years.
All charges made under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

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