Monday, May 26, 2014

Corella rescued with support from Boom Sherrin

Last Thursday one of our Inspectors, Graeme Dymond, faced a tricky situation. A short-billed Corella had become tangled in fishing line and flown up over 30 metres to the top of a Norfolk Pine at The Entrance, where it had become further entangled in the branches. The bird is that white dot towards the top of the tree in the above photo. 

NSW Fire & Rescue did not have equipment that reached high enough, so called in the RSPCA. Inspector Dymond contacted Boom Sherrin, and the company very kindly donated the use of their Travel Tower and drove down from Newcastle to help with the rescue. Graeme had to break off the branch of the tree to bring the bird down to safety.

The Corella had a lot of fishing line wrapped around its leg and neck, and suffered bruising to its leg where the line had trapped it to the branch. After recovering from its ordeal at a local vet, it was handed over to a wildlife carer for rehabilitation.

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