Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oxley Park woman banned from owning animals for two years

An Oxley Park woman failed to appear in Mt Druitt Local Court last week to face three charges of animal cruelty in relation to a Bulldog and two charges of animal cruelty in relation to a Staffordshire crossbreed dog.

On Sunday 3 November 2013, RSPCA Inspectors visited a house in Hobart Street, Oxley Park in response to a complaint. Inspectors immediately noticed that an adult female Australian Bulldog was in poor body condition with pin, hip, spine and rib bones clearly visible. The dog appeared weak and listless and had several large infected wounds across areas of her body.

The animal was seized and presented to the RSPCA Veterinary Clinic for examination, the dog was found to be emaciated with no fat deposits, easily palpable ribs and spine and prominent abdominal tuck, had three large open infected wounds, one with extensive damage to the underlying muscle. She was also covered in live fleas.

The woman subsequently rang to identify herself as the dog’s owner and agreed to surrender the dog.

On Friday 10 January 2014, RSPCA returned to the property to serve court attendance notices on the woman. On arrival at the property a Staffordshire crossbreed dog was sighted in poor body condition with her hips, spine and rib bones visible. The dog was obviously pregnant.

The woman said her partner had left the dog at her property a few weeks before and she had not wormed the dog since, nor sought veterinary treatment for it.

The dog was seized and taken to the RSPCA Veterinary Clinic for examination. Her body score was assessed as being 4 out of 5 (where 5 is most underweight).  When offered food after the initial examination, she ate ravenously. She also had heavy whip and round worm burdens. The vet estimated that the dog would have been underfed for at least 21 days to reach that condition. A couple of days later the dog gave birth to eight puppies.

The charges were as follows:

 - Failure to provide vet treatment to a Bulldog (three charges)
 - Failure to provide vet treatment to a Staffordshire crossbreed (one charge)
 - Failure to provide food to a Staffordshire crossbreed (one charge)

The woman had entered a not guilty plea for all charges.  She did not appear in Court, the matter was heard in her absence.

In regards to the Bulldog, the woman was fined $1500 for each of three charges of failing to provide vet treatment. She was also ordered to pay costs of $1576.67 and was prohibited from owning animal for two years.

In regards to the Staffordshire crossbreed, she was fined $1500 on each charge for failure to provide food and failure to provide vet treatment for a heavy worm burden.

All Charges Made Under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

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