Wednesday, June 11, 2014

For Daisy

If I had a million dollars
I would give it all to you
To help the little Daisys
of this world to make it through

If I had a thousand acres
I'd donate all that too
A shelter there for love and care
Till forever homes come true

If I had a hundred people
Who were young and strong and free
I would send them to your shelter
And charge all costs to me

Most of all I wish I had
A way I could defend
The little Daisys of the world
And all of man's best friends.

From all the cruelty in the world
From shock and fear and pain
From being left out in the summer sun
Or in the pouring rain
From being neglected, underfed
From sickness, cold and need

Until every single gorgeous one
Is loved and hugged and freed.

For Daisy - By Suzanne

Suzanne, one of our supporters, recently watched Daisy's story and was so moved that she penned this poem for her and made a donation to help other animals in need.

Watch Daisy's story now:

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