Monday, June 23, 2014

Woman sentenced for cruelty to 18 cats

A Wagga Wagga woman has been convicted after pleading guilty to animal cruelty to 18 cats while she was living in Taralga last year.

RSPCA Inspectors were initially called to reports of sick cats in cages. When they arrived they found no one home, but 10 filthy long haired cats in a small cage in an open garage. They were covered with months’ worth of faeces, kitty litter trays were overflowing, and water bowls were slimy and contaminated with urine.

All of the cats’ fur was matted, one so badly it had trouble moving. Inspectors described the scene as “nauseating” and “cruel”. Around the back of the house another seven cats were found in squalid conditions in four cages.

18 cats were seized, all suffering a number of serious illnesses including; conjunctivitis, flea infestation, ear and eye infections, dental disease, ring worm, dermatitis, severe matting and malnutrition.

The woman surrendered the cats to the RSPCA, after saying she didn’t see a problem with the way the cats were housed. The animals were separated into breeding groups, with most of the females pregnant, though the woman admitted she didn’t know what she’d do with the kittens.

She was issued a 12 month Good Behaviour Bond with the conditions of taking medication and accepting counselling. She has also been prohibited from buying, acquiring or taking custody of any cat for the next five years.

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