Tuesday, July 1, 2014

RSPCA NSW offers discounted desexing

RSPCA NSW is calling on companion animal owners across the state to step-up this month, and help stop some of the 160,000 unwanted animals ending up in shelters nationwide.

RSPCA NSW Veterinary Hospitals throughout the state are offering a 25% discount on pet desexing during July in support of National Desexing Month. Pet owners will also be encouraged to microchip and register their pets.

While older animals can also be desexed, RSPCA’s Chief Veterinarian Magdoline Awad says it’s better for owners to act sooner rather than later, “studies have shown that desexing cats, in particular, at an early age, before they are able to reproduce could assist in reducing the numbers of unwanted kittens born that ultimately end up in shelters”.

Research also shows desexed animals can actually live longer and are less likely to suffer from various diseases including cancer.

“There are also a range of behavioural benefits that are associated with desexing, with pets less likely to wander and get lost or fight and get injured. Undesirable sexual behaviours like mounting and spraying urine are also drastically reduced,” said Dr Awad.

Contact any RSPCA NSW Veterinary Hospital — located in Broken Hill, Sydney, Rutherford and Tighes Hill — or RSPCA NSW Care Centre in Rouse Hill. For more information about desexing discounts, visit www.rspcansw.org.au.

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