Monday, July 21, 2014

The sweetest way to fight animal cruelty

You only have one month to refine your recipes before fighting animal cruelty with cupcakes.

The RSPCA’s annual Cupcake Day is calling for anyone with a mixing bowl, spoon and an oven to host a party on August 18 at work, school or home to help us care for more than 56,000 animals every year.

So far celebrity chefs Curtis Stone, Pete Evans and Lola Berry have donated recipes to the cause, setting mouths watering and inspiration flowing.

Getting involved is easy: hosts can visit to register, then personalise their supporter page.

Hosts will also receive a host pack including; invitations, a donation box, a host badge, basic cupcake recipe (for humans and our four legged friends), official Cupcake Day stickers, balloons and posters for the big day.

The power of the cupcake:
  • 2 cupcakes* = an enrichment toy to keep a dog happy and engaged
  • 5 cupcakes = litter tray for a kitten or cat to toilet train them
  • 15 cupcakes = vaccinates a puppy against the deadly parvo virus
  • 50 cupcakes = desexes cat or dog so it can be rehomed with a forever family
  • 150 cupcakes = subsidies the costs of prosecuting a cruelty offender
*1 cupcake = $2 donation

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