Thursday, July 10, 2014

We may have lost, but hundreds of animals won

RSPCA Queensland has won bragging rights for another year, claiming the State of Adoption trophy for a sixth straight year after rehoming 310 more animals than New South Wales.

It was close earlier in the series, but Queensland streaked away creating a gap that continued to widen despite a valiant effort from New South Wales– the final tally 2,048 to 1,738 animals rehomed during this year’s State of Origin period.

But RSPCA NSW CEO Steve Coleman says the message goes beyond the friendly rivalry. “Ultimately, we’re really happy so many animals have been rehomed in both states but we hope to follow the NSW Blues lead next year break our drought,” he said.

Among the animals to find their furever homes were 1,055 cats and kittens as well as 475 dogs and puppies in NSW. But there were a range of two and four legged adoptions across the state, including 34 fowl, three horses, nine rodents, a pig, sheep, three goats and even a fighting fish.

Mr Coleman said it’s all about raising awareness, “the competition is about encouraging people to adopt rather than shop and make more Australians aware of the number of animals waiting at RSPCA shelters for a family.”  One such animal is Hurley, a deaf nine-month-old Great Dane crossbreed, pictured above in his State of Adoption shirt.

RSPCA NSW urges anyone looking for a pet to adopt from the RSPCA. To find your next furred or feathered friend, visit

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