Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Goat shot by arrow delivers kids

The pregnant goat shot with an arrow at Wetherill Park earlier this year, has given birth to two kids.

After making an excellent recovery under veterinary care at the RSPCA’s Sydney shelter, Dora gave birth to a boy and girl last Thursday, 7 August.

“It was a close one with Diego, who was quite sick after being born. Luckily, we were able to send him to the University of Sydney Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Camden for overnight care,” said RSPCA Vet Dr Guyan Weerasinghe.
Dora is comfortable with her little girl, and has recovered quite well from her surgery. 
In July RSPCA vets acted quickly to remove the arrow and minimise any further trauma for the mum to be.  “The arrow had pierced through her shoulder blade, narrowly missed her spine and was rubbing against the other shoulder blade,” said Dr  Weerasinghe.

Police continue to call for information surrounding the attack on 1 July in Wetherill Park.

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